About Us


Who We Are

Abroad China is committed to providing individuals and organizations unique opportunities to better understand China. We are a service-oriented company offering several programs including cultural exchange programs, internship programs, volunteer programs, and study tours. Through these programs, Abroad China aims to bridge the cultural gap between China and the West.


China Internship Placement

  In the past years, we have provided our internship programs to over thousands of college students from hundreds of universities all over the world. An internship in China gives unparalleled exposure to a different culture and a chance to witness one of the world's fastest growing economies. It is more than just an internship; it is a life changing experience!


Study Tours

  Abroad China has about twenty years of experience in developing various study tours for universities and educational groups to visit China. We offer two types of study tours: General Study Tour and MBA Study Tour. Our study tours are individually tailored based on the needs of universities and organizing groups. With our services and broad connections in China, we help schools extend participants’ educational experiences from classroom to the real business world. Through weekend tours to various cultural sites, seminars, social networking events, and interaction with local students, participants gain a depth of understanding of China unfeasible elsewhere.


Panda and Educational Programs

Abroad China’s Panda Conservation Program is very popular to individuals, communities and schools. It is designed to broaden awareness of environmental issues worldwide and to introduce people to the challenges of balancing human needs with the need to conserve biological diversity.


Summer and Short-Term Camps

Abroad China also partners with local schools to arrange short term programs including summer camps and professional training. Furthermore, we curate unique experiences for groups with special interests such as music, language study, or leadership. We provide travel planning and customized services to VIP groups as well.


Join Us

Abroad China is continuing to look for partnerships with educational organizations in the US to serve students and groups in China with various academic interests and focuses, as well as to host students from China for short and long term studies. The company strives to improve its services to match the need from customers in the global education market.








  1. 代表美国大学在中国直接招收学生,来美国进修英语,攻读大学,研究生,以及各种为学生和成人开设的培训课程。
  2. 与美国的大学,高中,初中,小学,幼稚园,以及当地教育机构合作,为中国学生安排夏令营和包括英语,领导力及音乐等特定科目的培训及交流活动营。
  3. 根据需求,为中国的企业或机构安排在美国的特定项目的培训活动及考察。
  4. 协助从中国来的团体及机构安排在北美的旅行及参观交流活动。